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Mental Trauma From Endometriosis

Before getting an Endometriosis diagnosis, many of us have seen countless doctors (whether in an office visit or at the ER) and they always ended the visit with the same thing: "Well, everything looks normal". At first, I would get mad. I would get sad. I would be upset that the doctor couldn't figure out what was wrong. But then as you're leaving the ER with tears in your eyes, you start to think: "You know what... maybe I am just crazy".

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Embracing the "New" Me

The last year has been extremely hard on my mental health and motivation. I’m going to go over the events that happened in that year, then what I experienced as a result, and finally where I am now.

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Called Upon the Endo Belly

If you have endometriosis, you have most likely heard the term "endo belly". And if you haven't like I once did, then you're about to feel way more relateable and maybe a *teeny tiny* amount of happiness because someone GETS you.

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